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Women Care
Undeveloped Breast Grow
Maqbool breast grow maintain the natural beauty of breast. This is herbal base formula and equally beneficial for married and unmarried women. This gives best result for the women in later age when this medicine in needed badly to maintain breast figure.
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Country wide net work
Medicines are available on our net work. In case of unavailability, please write to us directly or e- mail us. Click to see the network
Attention Patients
For consultation & treatment, our dawakhana is open on all Fridays and Sundays.
Timing: From 10 am to 8 pm
Consultation helpline
Some time female suffering from any sexual disease feel uneasy to explain. We can help them out. So meet us immediately as we have the female specialists available all the time. Don't worry confidentiality is our commitment. So leave the disappointment & come to us with full confidence & enjoy the normal life.
Don't overlook the sex matters
Fresh Skin: The Basis of your Beauty
For glowing complexion, just before every important occasion, you would like to do facial, Now you can, With Maqbool Herbal Nikhar Mask, home facial enriched, with natural herb, it gently cleanses & moisturizes your skin. Tighten it thus increasing suppleness. You are ready to face any occasion.
The Complete Treatment of Leucorrhoea
The discharge of a dense pale or whitish liquid is called as leucorrhoea. This provides severe irritation, and cause pain in hips, and back. maqbool Dawakhan has developed the special medicine which are very effective and eliminate the Leucorrhoea completely.
Breast Care Lotion
This lotion makes the loose breast tight, prominent and beautiful. This is safe and can be used in all ages.
Skin Care
The natural oil based upon the extraction of herbs. This has been proved the excellent skin care for all types of skin.
Attention Women
There is no need to worry about any type of diseas.It may be secret one. We have the ladies staff for your treatment. Come to visit us after getting appointment or write us in detail to diagnose your disease and suggest the suitable treatment. Maqbool Dawakahan is open all the days and our help lines are active for free consultation. You can also mail us to know about solution of your problem.
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